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Elite Pro 7

Josie Tong

A Success Story of

Growth Through Leadership

“No leaders, no business.” Josie Tong stands behind this statement, and the growth of her team is evidence of her leadership. Josie’s commitment to lead has produced outstanding results throughout her entire career, including while she served as the Director of Nursing for one of the most sought-after aged care facilities in Sydney, Australia. After 17 years in this position, she recognized she was missing the chance to be present at home, and the developmental years of her two daughters were passing in a blur. She quit her job and sought out network marketing as an opportunity to provide for her family and work from home. 

Josie joined LifeVantage in the summer of 2019, and she hasn’t looked back. She now stands as a leader among us, having achieved the rank of Elite Pro 7 and most recently securing a top spot in the Top 5 Sales Influencer Promotion. 

Josie believes that she has seen success because of her commitment and devotion to her business:

“Building your LifeVantage business requires focus, commitment, and consistency. You have to treat it like a business you invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in. If you do a little, you will get little; if you do a lot, you can get a lot out of it. If you want to be successful in your LifeVantage business, you have to show up everyday.”*

Josie encourages us all to take action from day one. She is a believer in facilitating regular meetings for her team and teaches the importance of events to fuel and inspire business building. Prior to the pandemic, she hosted frequent “Super Saturday” events and facilitated regular home meetings. Her consistent efforts have made it possible to build and support strong leaders, and these leaders have sustained her in return.

Despite her rapid success in the company, Josie has met challenging circumstances along the way. She has encountered some of life’s darkest moments over the last six months but has maintained her commitment to her team—and has received their support in return.

“Despite dealing with these challenges, I’ve tried to be fully engaged with my team, coaching and training people. I’ve had to be strong because I am building this business for the future of my children.”

With the added challenges of COVID-19, she has also had to make adjustments to how she strengthens and supports her team. While they all miss face-to-face meetings, she says they are becoming good at navigating video meeting resources and connecting in other ways. 

Josie is an excellent example of showing up every day for both her LifeVantage family and her family at home. Her dedication and her leadership in her LifeVantage business has blessed both. 

¹ LifeVantage UK Limited (“LifeVantage”) of 165 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2DY is the promoter of this trading scheme in the United Kingdom. The goods which are sold under this scheme are nutritional supplements, body care and related products produced or supplied by LifeVantage and any other such goods or services as LifeVantage may market from time to time. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join the scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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